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Katie Hibbard - K8lynn

Maid Of Honor

I am the Bride-to-be's best friend/nextdoor-neighbor/niece. Awkward as that may seem, I am excited about the upcoming event, or rather, events. There will be a lot of planning and I am just the one for the job. I have been a personal assistant for over 8 years so scheduling, planning, and schemeing is my forte! Plus, as Mer can attest, I come up with the most awesome surprises and parties ever! WOOHOO!

  • Katie Hibbard
  • Chick
  • Joined: Jan 15th, 2009
  • Wilmington, DE
  • United States
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Parties by K8lynn

    • Bachelorette party party

      Mer's Final Hurrah!

    • by K8lynn
    • This is obviously not a completed party plan, however it is a work in progress. There will be fun, games, laughter, a LITTLE drinking,... - more
    • Event Date: Apr 11th, 2009

Party Ideas by K8lynn

Blog Posts by K8lynn

    • Mer's Wedding Planning

    • K8lynnby K8lynn - Jul 2nd, 2008
    • Ok..its just the biginning but there will be so many things to plan. Like, the showers, the bachelorette party, dress fittings etc. God give me the strength to get the job done, the...

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Favorite thing to do with the Bride-to-be

We love hanging out (which we will certainly have to do way more of during the planning stages), singing (expecially the "car singing and dancing" we do), and eating. Funny fact - Meredith will eat anything if it is on my plate.




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