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    • 5 Ways Your Accessories Can Help You Look Chic At Engagement Parties

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    • Engagement parties are no longer restricted to the traditional cocktail parties as people are doing all that it takes to make it worthwhile for their guests. Varied venues along with fun themes and activities are thrown in the mix make these parties an elaborate affair.

      Perhaps this is the very reason why choosing outfits for engagement parties is a high-priority task and the second best to choosing outfits for a wedding!

      But whether it is a wedding or an engagement party, no outfit can do without being paired with the apt accessory. As Michael Kors puts it, “I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” On that note, let us focus on the accessories to accompany the outfit you wear to engagement parties and look chic. Here are some tips, which will help you:

      1) Stick To The Dress Code, If Any:

      Make it a point to check the dress code of the engagement party you’re about to attend and stick to the same. The details are generally mentioned in the invite itself. Otherwise, you can always ask the host and find out.

      The dress code for an engagement party will help you spend minimum time and effort to finding the perfect dress and coordinate it with the right type of accessories. For instance, if it’s an all-white theme, you can wear your favorite fresh pearls set to steal the show! Similarly, for a breezy theme such as a Hawaiian or a floral theme, you can put on your best floral sundress with long hoops and a gladiator. For a masquerade party though, you can charm everyone by dressing up to the nines with minimum jewelry.

      2) Brighten Up Any Outfit With Statement Earrings:

      You can never go wrong if you choose the best statement earring that matches your outfit, especially if you’ve kept your outfit simple and elegant. The only catch is that you can’t pair your statement earrings with a statement necklace at the same time, as that may just end up making you look over the top. This holds true for earrings, necklaces as well as cocktail rings.

      3) Bracelets With Charms Work As Evergreen Additions:

      A charms bracelet is an evergreen companion, which you can wear with almost any outfit in your wardrobe. A little black dress? Check. A cocktail gown? Check. An off-shoulder kaftan dress? Check. Moreover, you can add your favorite charms to the bracelet depending on the occasion, which makes them personalized accessories that will be covered by one and all!

      There are endless varieties of charms bracelets, which you can team with simple drop earrings or studs. However, if you’re more of a bangle person than a bracelet, you can take your pick from delicate bangles as an alternative, which is equally feminine and stylish. How cool is that?

      4) Classic Jewelry To The Rescue:

      When nothing else seems to work, turn to the classic accessories/jewelry collection in your jewelry box. This tip is especially handy when you need to rush to a party at the last minute.

      Diamond studs, gold hoops, gold chain, gold bangles, vintage timepieces are some of the classic pieces that you can wear to any party and look resplendent. However, if you’re not into gold and want to give bling a rest, then silver or platinum should be your best bet as these can make most of the outfits look graceful.

      5) Layering The Neckpieces:

      Layered necklaces are in trend and if you know how to up your layering game, then there will be no looking back!

      Here are some quick-fire tips to layer your necklaces with minimum efforts:

      Combine beads, sequins, and metal - Settle for a combo of sequins, beads, and metals to add color to your neck-piece. It is a perfect addition for giving your outfit a boho-chic look and feel!

      Throw in a body chain - Body chains are bold and stylish accessories, which instantly add an oomph-factor to the outfits. They also provide an edge to your layered necklaces.

      Delicate pieces and gemstones - Like the body chain, delicate layers of necklaces with pendants can also spruce up any outfit. To add some dazzle and shine, throw in some gemstones and voila, you’ll have an accessory that’ll take the center stage at the do!

      Add a choker - Another way to create a layered necklace look is to add a minimalist choker with minimalist necklaces. These are perfect for a small gathering to lavish soirees parties and they definitely act as confidence boosters!


      Fortune favors the brave and fashion favors the bold. Therefore, never shy away from trying something new and inspiring. With that thought, we leave you to explore various accessories to look chic at any engagement party. Have any other fashion tips and tricks worth noticing? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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