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BestPartyEver.com is a community that helps you plan that very special event.

What can I do on BestPartyEver.com?

Start off by registering for a free personal account. Now that you have an account feel free to:

  • - Personalize your profile
  • - Search for Party Ideas, Friends, and Special Event Professionals to help/inspire you.
  • - Add anything you find that you wish to save to your basket.
  • - Create your own party in the "Party Planning Center" by setting up a date and time, event type, vendors to hire, guest list, budget, and task list.
  • - Reference items you saved in your basket for inspiration and add them to your event.
  • - Blog about your event or event related topics that interest you.
  • - Follow the activites of your friends, and make new ones.
  • - Create your own party ideas, and recipes to share with the community and your friends. Inspire others!.

About BestPartyEver.com

BestPartyEver.com was founded on a simple charter: To help people celebrate. And to that end we have created this website to make it easy for anyone to find party ideas, or plan a party of their own.

BestPartyEver.com is a social website that encourages users to share and gain inspiration from each others ideas. Users can create parties that they manage with a suite of tools like budget calculators, task lists, and to-do lists. Users may share their party idea with other users via their own party page. We have also made it easy to locate special event professionals in their area that can provide services for their party. We also have business listings like you would find on partypop, and tons of party ideas like party411.

Company Information

BestPartyEver.com is owned and operated by Cheers To You LLC of Arizona. BestPartyEver.com was launched in 2005 and is the brainchild of Cheers To You LLC president and founder Sally Boldt-Strebel.

  • Cheers To You LLC DBA BestPartyEver.com
  • Sally Boldt-Strebel - CEO
  • Based in Sunny Arizona

Meet the Founders


BestPartyEver.com helps you plan your party with hundreds of party ideas and party planning tips. Send online invitations or print them out. Membership is free.

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