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    • biglyles by : biglyles - Jun 26th, 2009
    • Journey’s of big man & his little woman
              In The Begining by Ann Webster

      In the year 2003 Lyle and I embarked on a new journey in our life and stated new careers. Green as the grass on a watered lawn, we jump into the technology field. I knew Lyle was a smart fella but a had doubts about myself. Not to sound boastful, but I caught on pretty fast it lets me use my creative gifts. Lyle was a natural. He loves music, he knows how to get the job done, he’s good under pressure and enjoys working with the students. We started our first tour August 03 ( I didn’t start a log until 04 remember I said I was green). We never dreamt we’d see so much of the US in our life time.

        I worked 15 years managing high end Restaurants a wealth of life skills was obtained in that career! I really loved the work,the people I got to meet, and the wonderful people that I worked with that became lasting friends.

        In 1995 I opened a daycare which was the Funnest Job Ever considering the children in my care were the coolest kids with tons of energy, creative minds and always ready to go. I never got to play so much. It was like being on vacation for 7 1/2 years. Did I say they were my grand kids, nephews and kids of my friends. When the youngest one started kindergarten I closed up shop ( sort of they’re here whenever we’re home ) and that’s when this journey began.

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