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murdermystery Recipe submitted by murdermystery - Dec 23rd, 2009

    • Bacon Cups

    • Bacon Cups

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      Bacon Cups

      Serves: 12 | Prep time: 45 minutes


      • 30 pieces of bacon
      • 1 large muffin pan
      • tin foil
      • cooking spray


      Set the oven at 400 degrees and carefully form foil over the back of a muffin pan. Coat with cooking spray

      Be sure to put a cookie sheet with a rim below the cooking bacon in the oven, there was a lot of dripping fat and I saw a few flames. Watch your oven carefully!

      For cup shapes I used the back of this Wilton King-Size Muffin Pan. These are the width of jumbo muffins but are almost twice as tall (see this cupcake for a visual). Use three layers of bacon on the sides and wove it like a basket, or at least like I imagine a basket would be woven.

      Fill with bruchetta, salads, scallops, shrimp or cheese curds.

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