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lamonster Recipe submitted by lamonster - Aug 19th, 2014

    • Watermelon slushie

    • Watermelon slushie

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      Watermelon slushie

      Serves: 0 | Prep time: minutes


      • watermelon
      • lime juice
      • vodka


      We lay our watermelon on a metal cookie sheet after cutting it into cubes (without the rind). Stick the tray in the freezer for an hour or so, then remove the frozen cubes and put them in a large ziploc freezer bag. These cubes are great for putting into your water or lemonade, instead of using ice cubes.

      Or, stick your frozen cubes into a blender with some lime juice and water and enjoy a fresh slushie! No sugar needed for this drink. You can also add a splash of vodka to enjoy this slushie in an adult beverage!


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      Tags: drink watermelon slushie

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