Terms of Service and Use Agreement

Bottom line: Be decent to those around you and dont do anything your mother would not approve of.

Cheers To You LLC is DBA BestPartyEver.com, which at times is simplified by using the letters BPE and for the purposes of this agreement may be used interchangeably. This is legally acceptable in the state of Arizona where BPE is located. BY USING ANY ASPECT OF BestPartyEver.com YOU AGREE THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT, AUTHORITY, AND CAPACITY TO BE BOUND TO ALL OF THE TERMS STATED HEREIN. You may continue to use BPE as long as you agree and adhere to these Terms of Service and Use.

You agree to submit accurate, complete, legal and relevant information when saving a list, creating an ad, or submitting material for publication.

You agree that material you submit is owned by you and free from any copy write infringement.

BPE reserves the right to refuse publication of any material at its sole discretion; this includes but is not limited to party ideas, vendor suggestions, and submission of products or services for newsletter.

Because BPE does accept outside publications, we cannot guarantee copy write infringement free material.

Under this agreement you also agree to the following

  • No promoting or distributing ANY illegal content
  • No profanity in way of language or images uploaded
  • No soliciting to users or vendors in the BPE directory
  • No online vandalism to BPE
  • No impersonating another person
  • No belittling, attacking, stalking, or threatening other BPE users
  • No site scrapping
  • No exposing BPE in any form to harmful computer code

Please review our privacy policy.

BPE is free from liability regarding the following but not limited to the following-
- Inaccurate vendor information
- Quality and quantity of vendors
- Vendor credentials
- Damage to your computer system
- Loss of profits
- Reputation and Goodwill
- Intangible losses
- Use
- Content
- Inaccuracy of content
- Unauthorized access to your accounts
- Other BPE users
- Profanity
- Modifications to BPE
- Discontinuation of BPE

You agree to hold BPE harmless from any claim or demand arising out of the use of your BPE Service or Usage. This includes but is not limited to-
- Attorneys fees
- Lost information
- Copy write infringement
- Loss of profits
- Reputation and Goodwill
- Intangible losses

Vendor Registration

Sign up: You are required to sign up with BPE if you want to advertise your company. In order to sign up with BPE you must supply a valid email address, which will be used as a unique identifier for you account, full name and a password.

Registration: You are required to register your company if you want to advertise on BPE. In order to register with BPE you must supply your company name, city, state, zip, phone, and relevant industry type.

Email verification: You are required to verify your email address. In order to verify your email address you must access your personal email account, open the email sent to you by BPE, and click the verification link.

Identify target market: You must identify the location of your target market. In order to identify the location of your target you must choose between a free, city, state, or national advertisement.

Create ad: If you agreed to a city, state, or national advertisement you are entitled to a 200 character maximum detailed description (restrictions below under content), web URL, and 1 image (restrictions reviewed below under content)

Payment: By registering / advertising with BPE you agree to the following: 1. The credit card information is accurate
2. You are authorized to use the account
3. You understand that all sales are final and no refunds are granted at this time.
4. You understand that profanity is not tolerated on BPE and will result in the termination of your advertisement with BPE and no refund will be granted.

BPE reserves the right to change or end the BPE Service with or without notice to you. BPE may change the terms and conditions of this agreement at any time in its sole discretion. By using the BPE Service you acknowledge and accept changes to this agreement.

By using BPE, you understand that you are using the BPE service at your own risk. BPE is provided to you on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. BPE makes no claims to meet your requirements or be error free, timely, secure, and uninterrupted.


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