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This Party Tip submitted by BizGirl - Jul 16th, 2008

    • Seasonal Wedding Flowers

    • Choosing seasonal wedding flowers saves you money and time. Many florists offer a discounted rate on seasonal blooms and you’ll save time because you’ll have a trimmed list to choose from.

      Spring Flowers

      Here is a list of spring flowers that would be in season for a spring wedding and would make a great wedding flower bouquet. See photo’s of all spring flowers here.

      • Apple or cherry blossoms
      • Daffodils
      • Dogwoods
      • Forsythia
      • Hyacinth
      • Iris
      • Larkspur
      • Lilies
      • Lilacs
      • Lily of the valley
      • Pansies
      • Peonies
      • Sweet peas
      • Tulips
      • Violet
      • Freesia
      • Anemones
      • Gardenias
      • Calla lily
      • Camellia
      • Forget me not
      • Foxglove
      • Jasmine

      Summer Flowers

      The list below shows seasonal summer flowers that are perfect for a summer wedding or event. See photo’s of all summer flowers here.

      • Asters
      • Calla Lilies
      • Dahlias
      • Daisies
      • Geraniums
      • Hydrangeas
      • Iris
      • Jacob’s Ladder
      • Larkspur
      • Queen Anne’s Lace
      • Roses
      • Sunflower
      • Zinnias
      • Gardenia
      • Lily
      • Peony
      • Wax Flower
      • Honeysuckle
      • Bougainvillea
      • Fuchsia

      Fall Flowers

      Here is a list of fall flowers that would be in season for a fall wedding and would be great in a wedding flower bouquet. See photo’s of all fall flowers here.

      • Asters
      • Chrysanthemums
      • Zinnias
      • Lilies
      • Dogwood
      • Bittersweet
      • Dahlias
      • Orchids
      • Goldenrods
      • Thistles
      • Carnations
      • Gerbera Daisies
      • Marigolds
      • Roses
      • Sunflowers
      • Amaryllis
      • Hydrangea
      • Ivy
      • Eucalyptus
      • Gardenias

      Winter Flowers

      The list below shows seasonal winter flowers that are great for a winter wedding or event. See photo’s of all winter flowers here.

      • Amaryllis
      • Camellias
      • Forget Me Nots
      • Jasmine
      • Orchids
      • Poinsettias
      • Holly
      • Anemone
      • Hyacinth
      • Tulips
      • Violets
      • Calla Lily
      • Daffodil

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