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This Party Tip submitted by BizGirl - Aug 30th, 2008

    • Gross Out Fun Halloween Activity

    • Gross out is a fun Halloween activity where your party guests touch gross objects in a dim lit room.

      This fun Halloween activity requires-

      bouncy balls
      vegetable oil
      chunky vegetable soup
      4 cake pans 9x13 or 9x9
      candles or glow sticks/necklaces
      old sheet

      Each pan will hold your creepy crawly concoctions. The concoctions include worms, eye balls, maggots, and vomit. Oh my. Before you make the concoctions, cover the cake pans with an old sheet and tuck the sheet around the pans. Stick pieces of tape on the sheet locating the center of each of the pans. Take the sheet off and cut a hole around the tape large enough to fit a hand.


      Noodles transform into worms. Use spaghetti or angel hair and cook according to the instructions of the box. After the noodles have cooled, cut into 1 inch pieces for angel hair and 2 inch pieces for spaghetti. Pour into a cake pan and place in the refrigerator. Before use add a little vegetable oil to give your worms some slime.


      Purchase some bouncy balls. Place them in a cake pan. Add a little vegetable oil for tactile grossness. To make them more realistic, tape a piece of string to the ball to represent the optic nerve.


      Make maggots by cooking rice according to the directions included with the rice. Add a little extra water to the rice. Wait for the rice to cool and pour it into a cake pan. Place it in the rice in the refrigerator until ready to use.


      In a dim lit room, chunky soup can feel a lot like gross chunky vomit. This is very simple. Open a can of chunky soup and pour it into a cake pan.

      Stage your Gross Out Halloween activity right before the party. Take your 4 cake pans filled with gross and place them in a room of your choosing. Cover the pans with the precut sheet and tuck in the sheet like before to align the holes with the pans. Place candles in the room on sturdy surfaces (not on the sheet) or place glow sticks (much safer). Before the activity, dimly light the room.

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