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This Party Tip submitted by BizGirl - Oct 8th, 2008

    • Questions to Ask Venues

    • The following questions to ask venues helps you gather information enabling you to make a wise hiring decision.
      1. What areas do you have for the date of my event that can accommodate the number of guests we have?
      2. Can I set up the area or do you have a set floor plan?
      3. What has some of your setups looked like from past guests?
      4. If it is a wedding, can the ceremony and reception take place on the site?
      5. Do you have pictures of this space? Do you mind if I take a couple?
      6. Where are the restrooms located?
      7. Can I bring in outside vendors?
      7a. If yes-
      I. What is available for the caterer to use?
      II. What are your policies regarding alcohol?
      III. Who are the other vendors you like to work with and would feel comfortable recommending?
      7b. If no,
      I. Can I see your linens, tables, chairs, china and other items available to me?
      II. Do you offer any food tastings from your menu before we decide on the event menu?
      III. If you supply the dessert / cake, do you waive the cutting fee?
      IV. Can you provide a dance floor? Is there a charge associated? How many people does it hold? What does it look like?
      V. What will the staff be wearing?
      VI. Do you provide audio / visual equipment?
      VII. Will I be required to feed the staff?
      VIII. Is the gratuity included? Is it a percentage or flat rate?
      8. What are your policies on decorations?
      9. Can we use candles?
      10. Where do guests park?
      11. What are your policies on music?
      12. Do you offer dressing rooms if needed?
      a. Is there a charge associated?
      b. How long will we have the room(s)?
      c. Can I see the room?
      13. What is your policy on alcohol?
      14. Do you have a liquor permit?
      15. Can I bring my own alcohol?
      16. Are kegs of beer allowed?
      17. Do you have a corkage fee?
      18. What are your costs per drink?
      19. Do you provide a bartender?
      20. How is the bartender paid?
      21. Do you have a coat checking service?
      22. Do you have any safe guards to power outages?
      23. Do you have plenty of electrical outlets?
      24. Are there security or cleanup charges?
      25. Who is responsible for cleanup?
      26. What are some of the perks that you offer that your competitors don’t?
      27. Do you offer sleeping arrangements? What can you do for me and my guests?
      28. Do you have any references?
      29. What are your rates?
      30. How much time is included with these rates?
      31. If the party extends past the allotted time, what are our options?
      32. Are there any hidden costs?
      33. Do you offer any discounts?
      34. What is your cancellation policy? Can I get a refund?
      35. Do you require a deposit? If so, how much?
      36. When is final payment expected?
      37. When do you need the final guest count by?
      38. Will all of the information you’ve shared be in a written contract?
      39. Are there any other events taking place on the same day in adjoining rooms and will there be any distractions?
      40. Can I visit at a later date to see you and your staff in action during an event? Do not be upset if they say “no”. It’s the other events special day and they deserve the full focus of the people working their party. If they sat “yes”, choose a time that is similar to your event time. Also, take into consideration the lighting and weather.
      41. How much time will be allowed for setup?
      42. Can I bring in food items such as jordan almonds, mints, chocolates, etc…?
      43. Do you have liability insurance?
      44. Are pets allowed?
      45. Who will be my main contact and how do I reach them? What is their availability?
      46. Can we bring in our own dessert / cake? If so, is there a cutting fee?
      47. Are there any hotels nearby and which ones do you recommend?
      48. How close are you to the main airport?
      49. What are your policies on recycling?
      50. Do nearby residents need to be notified?
      51. If outdoors..
      a. Do you offer heaters, misters, or coolers?
      b. What shelter do you provide if it rains?
      c.  When do the sprinklers come on and will the area be soggy, soft, or muddy?
      d. How do you handle insects? Are they a problem? What kind are they? What will you do to insure that they will not pester the guests?
      e. Can we get electricity out here?

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