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This Party Tip submitted by cmolino - Mar 6th, 2009

    • When Traditional Just Won’t Cut It: Creative Wedding Invitation Wording

    • By: Ciarla Molino

      In these modern days, traditional wedding invitation wording is no longer sufficient for a lot of couples, so brides & grooms are often left scrambling, trying to find creative wedding invitation wording that reflects the type of wedding they are having. Therefore, one of the most important decisions regarding your wedding invitations should be the wording of your invitation as it relays an important message to your guests. So for those of you who desire untraditional wording for your wedding invitations, I have a few wording options that may help.

      Our joy will be more complete
      if you will share in the marriage of our daughter
      Julia Shulman
      to Mr. Mitchell Waters
      on Saturday, the twelfth of January
      at half after 5 o’clock
      6 Monogram Lane
      Atlanta, Georgia
      we invite you to worship with us,
      witness their vows and join us
      for a reception following the ceremony
      if you are unable to attend, we ask your
      presence in thought and prayer.
      Mr. And Mrs. Donald Shulman


      Danielle and Mitchell Walters
      Lauren and Lee Sanders
      would be honoured
      to have you share in the joy
      at the marriage of their children
      This celebration of love will be held on
      Sunday, the twefth of January
      At five o’clock
      Temple Shalom
      Ridgewood, New Jersey
      A reception will follow the ceremony
      At the Prominade Restaurant
      Prominade Parkway
      Kindly send reply to:
      Mr. And Mrs. Mitchell Walters


      Two lives, one path…
      Please join us to share a day of happiness as
      Emily Paige Harper
      Ryan Johnathan Stallings
      celebrate marriage and begin their lives together
      Saturday, June sixth


      Daniel and Julia Kendrick
      Jacob and Alyson Mendleson
      invite you to join their families
      on this special occasion
      when their children
      Theresa Neal Kendrick
      Jacob  Anders Mendleson, Jr.
      will be married
      On Saturday, the tenth of February


      Because you have shared in our lives
      by your friendship and love
      you are invited to join us
      Carol Ann Stewarts
      Joel Stephen Anderson
      As we are united
      in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony
      on Saturday, the fifteenth of September


      Natalie Elizabeth Butterworth
      William Brent Sanders
      invite you to share in the joy of
      the beginning of their new life together
      as they exchange marriage vows
      on Saturday, the twentieth of August


      Our life together begins this day
      and will be more complete with you there…
      your presence is requested as
      Olivia Ann Purdue
      Andrew Walker Ellis
      exchange marriage vows
      on Saturday, the third of December

      Emily Post’s Complete Book of Wedding Etiquette
      The American Wedding

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