5 Tips for Hosting a Large Party

    • Myriam by : Myriam - Apr 18th, 2009
    • Entertaining for a crowd? Get a jump start on your party prep and read these 5 tips that you can do ahead.

      1. Clean out your fridge (yes, seriously). This will give you more room to store party dips and appetizers that you have prepared ahead of time.

      2.  Make any dishes (that can be prepared ahead of time), including casseroles, dips, and desserts the night before your party. This will cut down on the amount of time you are stuck in the kitchen the day of your event.

      3. Dress and set your table the night before. You can place all the table settings and do just about everything except light the candles the night before. This will free up a ton of time the next day.

      4. Gather all your serving dishes and utensils ahead of time and place them all in one area. This way when you go to plate and dish up all your food, you will not be searching around your kitchen for that serving dish you misplaced.

      5. Clean (yuck I know). The only thing you should have to do the day of your party is make your beds. Do all that “dirty” work like cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors ahead of time. This will cut down on your pre-party stress…which is the whole point after all!

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