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Myriam Maon - Myriam

Classy Entertaining Can Be Made Easy

Love to host parties and always looking for new ideas and trends!

  • Myriam Maon
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Party Ideas by Myriam

Blog Posts by Myriam

    • Kids Party Theme Help

    • Myriamby Myriam - Apr 24th, 2009
    • If you find yourself trying to decide what theme to choose for your child's next birthday party-- take a step back and let him or her inspire your decision. You can find inspiration...

    • 5 Tips for Hosting a Large Party

    • Myriamby Myriam - Apr 18th, 2009
    • Entertaining for a crowd? Get a jump start on your party prep and read these 5 tips that you can do ahead. 1. Clean out your fridge (yes, seriously). This will give you more room to...

    • Hostess Gifts She'll USE!

    • Myriamby Myriam - 4 weeks ago
    • Although bringing your party hostess a bottle of wine of a bouquet of flowers is perfectly acceptable, why not bring her something that she will actually a bit more thoughtful? I recently...

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  • BizGirlBizGirl: Thanks Myriam. I'm glad you found it too. ;-) Love the simple party plan. - Feb 24th, 2009

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