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This Party Tip submitted by BizGirl - Jul 30th, 2008

    • Treasure Treats Halloween Party Game

    • The Treasure Treat Halloween party games imitate Easter eggs hunts however there’s a twist. You’ll hide treats instead of eggs and it’s more of a treasure hunt.

      What you will need-

      candy for hiding
      extra candy
      1 large candy as a prize
      note cards
      floor plan
      small goody bags
      optional- travel toothbrush and paste


      Before the party begins, complete four simple tasks. First, attach guests names to their individual treat bag. This will be the bag your guests carry their candy loot in. Consider writing their names with permanent marker on the bag, on an index card with a hole punch on both the bag and card connected by ribbon, or on a sticker which can adhere to the bag. A bag pre-filled with a toothbrush and toothpaste is a nice touch. This bag is their take home halloween party favor. Second, choose the rooms where the Treasure Treats will hide. Once you’ve determined the rooms, draw a simple floor plan of each room. Third, hide the candy and mark the candies location on the floor plan. Write in pencil and use numbers to determine the amount of treats in a certain area and the total in a room. Forth,  On the note cards, write clues to the next location. On the last note card, be sure to say that it is the last clue. Place the clues in each room. An example of a clue would be- “This just in,  friendly ghosts left some candy near the patio furniture. Hmm..Where’s the patio furniture?”.

      How to play-

      Hand each child their personalized bag. Tell them that different, friendly ghouls have dropped off many treats and in order to find the treats they’ll have to follow the clues. They’ll have 5 minutes or less in each room. Carry your floor plan and in each room determine how many treats were found. Set a watch to limit time spent. Read the next clue and head over to the next location. After visiting all the treat-hidden areas, count the number of treats each guest found. Whoever found the most treats wins a large piece of candy. With the extra candy and the candy not found, divide it amongst the other players so everyone has equal amount of treats.

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