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This Party Tip submitted by BizGirl - Jul 30th, 2008

    • The Scary Pumpkin Toss Halloween Party Game

    • The Scary Pumpkin Toss Halloween party game tests its participants speed and ability to catch while listening to spooky music.

      What you will need-

      one small toss-able pumpkin
      2 spooky songs
      stop watch
      acrylic paint
      paint brushes
      paper towels


      The Scary Pumpkin Toss requires a scary pumpkin. Painting a pumpkin will bring out the scariness. Also,your painted pumpkin will last longer than a carved pumpkin. Consider painting a pumpkin at least one day in advance. First, remove the stem from the pumpkin. Then wash the the pumpkin and dry it with the paper towels. Place the pumpkin on a surface covered by newspaper. Use the pencil to draw a pattern on a piece of paper or to trace a store bought stencil. If you decided to use your own pattern, cut it out, and trace it onto the pumpkin. Outline the trace with the paints. Be sure to allow one color to dry before moving to another color. If you are painting with a light color, you may need to paint a second coat. Also, only paint room temperature pumpkins. If they are too cold they will sweat and run your paint.

      How to play- 

      This Halloween party game is similar to the game hot potato. Have the participants stand in a circle. When the music starts, participants quickly toss the pumpkin around in a circle. Determine when the music stops by using your stop watch. It helps if the stop time is consistent. An example would be 15 seconds, 10 seconds, 5 seconds, and repeat. When the music stops, whoever has the pumpkin is eliminated. This continues until there is one person left. That one person is the winner and receives the prize.

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