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This Party Tip submitted by BizGirl - Jul 30th, 2008

    • Bobbing for Spiders Halloween Party Games

    • This Halloween party games very similar to bobbing for apples but instead of hard-to-bite apples, participants quickly transport creepy fake spiders.

      What you will need-

      fake spiders
      stop watch

      How to play-

      Play this Halloween party game outside or on tiled floors. First, fill the bucket with water, then add many large fake spiders.  Place the bowl on the side of the bucket. Ask each participant to line up. Set the stop watch to 15 seconds. The participants are allowed 15 seconds to transport the spiders from the bucket to the bowl on the side. Write down how many spiders each participant gathered. Use towels to dry faces and clean up any spills. Whoever has the most spiders wins the prize.


      Fill up the bucket with water right before the game starts and empty the bucket immediately after. Be sure to watch the children when they are around water. Also, be mindful of any choking hazards when purchasing your fake spiders.

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