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This Party Tip submitted by BizGirl - Aug 15th, 2008

    • Grave Robbers Party Game for Halloween

    • Many people claim Grave Robbers as their favorite game of all Halloween party games. This Halloween party game keeps its players in high suspense while testing their abilities to solve problems quickly.

      What you will need-

      1 head stone
      a deck of cards
      4 or more participants

      How to play- 

      Count the number of participants and take out that many cards from the deck. Choose the “it” card and have the participants pick a card. Whoever chose the “it” card becomes the Sheriff. All the other participants become robbers.
      The Sheriff slowly counts to 20 near the head stone while the robbers hide. The Sheriffs objective is to protect the head stone and turn the robbers into Sheriffs. The robbers objective is to make it to the head stone without being caught by the Sheriff. After the Sheriff counts to 20 and all the robbers are hidden, the Sheriff tries to track the robbers. If the Sheriff touches the robber before he or she reaches the head stone, he or she turns into a Sheriff and begins helping the original Sheriff track the other robbers. If the robber reaches the head stone without being touched by the Sheriff(s), he or she is considered safe. Whoever becomes a Sheriff last starts the next game as the original Sheriff and counts to 20.


      Remove the ability for the Sheriff to turn other robbers into Sheriffs. Who ever the Sheriff touches ends the game and the person caught becomes the Sheriff in the next game.

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