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This Party Tip submitted by BizGirl - Aug 15th, 2008

    • The Worm Wrangler Halloween Party Games

    • Wrangling worms increases your little monsters ability to multi-task while challenging their coordination. Play this Halloween party game at your next party

      What you will need-

      chop sticks
      gummy worms
      paper bowls
      stop watch
      start and finish lines


      A few hours before, write “in” on the inside of bowls. The number of bowls should be half of the number of expected guests (10 guests equal 5 “in” bowls) and “out” on the same number of bowls (10 guests equal 5 “out” bowls). Write “in” and “out” on the inside of the bowls.

      How to play-

      Request that all players stand side-by-side at the starting line. Place the “out” bowl at the starting line and the “in” bowl at the finish line. Add equal amounts of gummy worms to each “out” bowl. Each player will be given 5 minutes to transport worms from the “out” bowl to the “in” bowl using chopsticks. The players can only transport one worm at a time. Once the timer has reached 5 minutes, the player that has wrangled the most worms wins the game.


      Turn the Worm Wrangler into a relay race. Pair the children into groups of 2. Create two lines where each player is standing side-by-side. Both members of the group are in separate lines and facing each other. One side starts the relay race. That side grabs a worm from the “out” bowl with their chop sticks and runs to their teammate who is ready to take the worm with their chopsticks. Once the switch is made, that teammate runs to the starting area and drops the worm into the “in” bowl. Then he or she grabs a worm out of the “out” bowl and runs to their teammate. This cycle continues until the 5 minute timer rings. The team with the most worms in the “in” bowl when the timer rings wins the prize.

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