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This Party Tip submitted by cmolino - Apr 6th, 2009

    • Wordings for Birthday Invitation Cards

    • By: Ciarla Molino

      When trying to come up with the perfect wordings for birthday invitation cards, your audience is going to determine exactly the best route you should take.  For instance, if you are sending out invitations for a child’s birthday, the wording may be more casual, fun, a little kitschy and even refer to the theme of the party. And while you may still use casual and fun birthday party invitation wording for an adult, you may also opt for something slightly more streamlined.  Regardless of age though, a few rules apply to every invitation when deciding the perfect wording.

      Name  Never forget the most important part of the invitation, and that is the birthday party recipients name.

      Age As a good rule of thumb, it is inappropriate to cite the age of the party recipient unless they are 18 years old or younger. In other words, think twice before you tell the whole world that Linda is turning 50, when in fact, Linda might still be telling people she’s only 45 (again).

      RSVP Requesting an RSVP is a crucial addition to any invitation so you know how many people to plan for. Alternately, in lieu of an RSVP from every recipient, you may also opt to ask for “regrets only.”

      Day/Time/Location You might think these things are a given, but you would be surprised how many people actually forget to include this information.

      Keeping these rules in mind, you may also choose to use one of these examples for a traditional birthday party invitation as your guide as well.

      You are cordially invited
      to a birthday dinner
      for Bill Smith
      to celebrate his 18th birthday
      on Friday, September 18th
      at 7 o’clock
      Concord Yacht Club


      Lisa and Brian Garnett
      cordially invite you
      to celebrate the 16th birthday
      of their daughter,
      Janett Elaine
      at eight o’clock
      Riverwood Country Club
      Riverwood, New Jersey


      Please be my guest at
      a Birthday Bash
      to honor 
      Tom Madison
      Join me on December 1st at 6 PM
      at The River Club
      Hosted by Lauren  Fenmore


      Friendships are one of the few things
      that improve with age.
      The family and friends of
      Nate Harper
      invite you to celebrate his
      43rd Birthday
      and a lifetime of good friendship
      on May 15th at 6:30 p.m.
      14765 Marell Court
      Nashville, TN


      Spring has sprung
      and bees are humming!
      We’re having a party
      and hope you’re coming!
      Please join us for a birthday party for
      Susan Myers
      on June 10 at 6:00 pm
      Riverside Grill
      1234 River Oak Court
      Boston, MA
      Elizabeth Meyer’s

      Cranes Blue Book of Stationery
      Invitation Consultants

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