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This Party Tip submitted by BizGirl - Apr 23rd, 2009

    • Mother's Day Activities

    • Take the time this Mother’s Day and plan some creative Mother’s Day activities. The activities listed below provide you with a great starting plan. The activities include at home and away options.


      Mother’s Day Activities- At home

      • Chalk-Paint Garden pots- Get crafty with your mom this year and create these chalk paint garden pots by Makes it easy to label your newest plant.


      • Spend a couple hours creating your family tree on You may want to include grandma in this activity as well.


      • Paint your own pottery- recommends a paint your own pottery party at home using They send you pottery, paint, and return packaging. After you paint, you send it to their kiln and they return the finished pottery.


      • Plant- Enjoy mother earth with your mother by planting seeds and flowers in her yard. 


      • Treasure Hunt- offers steps to planning a Mother’s Day treasure hunt.


      • Gum and Candy kits- Feel like trying something new? Why not order a gum making kit. The people at offer do-it-yourslf gum, gummie, and chocolate making kits. Check them out.


      • Family Cooking- Plan a menu and start cooking says Andrea Correale of Elegant affairs. Have each family member choose their cooking responsibility and enjoy a family meal together.


      • Make a disc of photos- Andrea Correale also recommends compiling family photos in chronological order and placing them on multiple discs.  Then sending out the disc to family members.


      • National Womens Hall of Fame- Did you know that you could put your mom in the National Womens Hall of Fame for free. To learn more, check out their website.


      • Group mother remembrance- Tara Mohr and her mother include others in their celebration. They feel so blessed to have one another and understand the importance of letting others relive memories. They enjoy tea together and celebrate motherhood.


      • Have a meal in your backyard- Marget Phillips of The Nature Conservancy suggests enjoying a meal in the great outdoors. Only eating organic foods adds flair to the experience.


      • Help fulfill her dreams- If your mom has always wanted to do something but has never taken the time, help her fulfill her dreams. Maybe offer foreign language lessons or music lessons. Casey Wohl of believes your mom will be grateful. 


      Mother’s Day Activities- Out and About


      • Girls night- Plan a girls night out. Experience a grand dinner followed by the latest chick flick or spruce it up with an early spa day or poker game.


      • High tea- Make a reservation at a local resort or restaurant and experience high tea with your mother. Consider the book “Tea For You” by Tracy Stern as a gift.


      • Bed and breakfast- Booking time at a bed and breakfast allows the family to get away from the television and spend quality time together. The website offers special mothers day packages. Your family could experience the great outdoors, culinary or wine tasting excursions and even art or music workshops.


      • Mini golf- TopGolf Usa suggests spending time playing mini golf. Surprise your mom by giving her a gift and thoughtful words after each hole.


      • Pizza and fun park- Keep it simple and fun by eating delicious pizza and taking on the adventures that a fun park offers.


      • Go on a picnic- Picnics are a great way to get fresh air and bask in mother nature’s glory. Consider an activity such as croquet to lengthen the time together.


      • Storycorps- is a service that allows you to listen and record your mother talking about her childhood, hopes, dreams, and lessons she’s learned in life. Use their site to find a recording studio in your area.


      • Flower Shop adventure- take your mom to a flower shop where the two of you can create a beautiful bouquet together.


      • Experience gift company- offers 1,500 unique experiences including hot air balloon rides, cooking class, bike tours, and much more. If you’re looking for adventure definitely check out their site.

      If you have any other wonderfully thoughtful Mother’s Day activities, please add them to the comments below.

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        • MyriamMyriam - Apr 24th, 2009
        • Such great ideas! This is one of my favorite days to celebrate and I love all of these ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

        • deeleigh72deeleigh72 - May 3rd, 2009
        • Some really great ideas, and more than just the ordinary.  Thanks a lot.  I will be trying at least a couple of these.

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