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This Party Tip submitted by tower - May 23rd, 2008

    • Tie balloons like a pro...

    • Being a professional - time is money and the faster you work the more money you make - right?  So when it comes to working with balloons the faster you can tie a balloon the better.  Alright here it is:

      1. Inflate the balloon and pinch off the neck with your right hand.

      2. Hold your left hand out palm up.

      3. Holding the balloon upside down place the neck between your index and middle finger of you left hand.  Touch your thumb to your index finger like you were pinching - but do not pinch the balloon neck.

      4. Stretch the neck out with you right hand and flip the balloon away from you.

      5. The neck should now be wrapped around your left hand thumb and index finger.  Pinch the neck roll with your thumb and index finger of your left hand.

      6. Roll the balloon off your fingers pulling the neck roll through.

      7. The balloon should now have a perfect knot in it.

      Simple - right?  This technique took me a while to get good at but once you’ve got it down you’ll wonder how you ever tied balloons before.  If these instructions are too complex I can post instructions with photos if there is enough interest. 

      If you want to tie on a ribbon or rigging stop at step 5 and before you pull the neck roll through wrap it around your ribbon or rigging.


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        • towertower - Jan 12th, 2009
        • Nice Article,

          Always wondered how to make the balloon animals.

        • towertower - Jan 12th, 2009
        • I’ve seen some of the balloon twisters at work and they do some amazing stuff.  Unfortunately we only do balloon decor - no twisting. You can probably google “Balloons Animals” and see what comes up.


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