Looking for an Event Planner?

    • BizGirl by : BizGirl - May 4th, 2008
    • Over the years, I have been asked to plan numerous people’s events. Although I am very flattered, I always recommend that they find a local professional event planner using BestPartyEver.com. Why? Here are a couple of reasons.

      1. Your local event planner knows what is available in the town you live in. They know the venues, caterers, photographers, bakeries, and other related businesses.

      2. Event planners have a network of people they work well with and who work well together. This means there will be less chance for disruptions.

      3. They know who you can trust. If they hire a bad vendor, it looks bad on them. An event planner does not want to take that risk. Especially when they hope to do future business with you.

      4. Event planners save you time and money. You will not have to spend hours trying to find a vendor and event planners usually receive vendor discounts.

      5. They can provide you with your area’s latest trends.

      6. You can relax and enjoy the party knowing you hired someone with your cities insights.

      7. Event planners can help you stay within your budget

      My mission is to introduce you to exceptional vendors that can provide you with a great celebration. Please take advantage of the wonderful expertise our event planners have to offer.

      All the best,
      Sally Strebel

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