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This Party Tip submitted by BizGirl - Aug 15th, 2008

    • Pin the Nose on the Jack-o-Lantern

    • Watching your scary guests creep up to pin the nose on the Jack-o-Lantern enhances the fun during this Halloween party game.

      What you will need-

      Orange Poster board
      black marker
      green craft paper
      black craft paper
      pin or removable tape
      blind fold
      picture of a pumpkin (optional)
      projector (optional)


      You’ll need to make a large pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern minus the nose. If you are artistic, use the pencil to draw a pumpkin directly onto the orange poster board. If you are not artistic, find pictures of pumpkins and choose your favorite pumpkin image. Then print the picture and either use that picture to place on the projector or trace the image and place that traced image on the projector. When using the projector, tape the orange poster board to the wall and trace the image with a pencil. After you’ve traced the image with a pencil, go over the tracing with a black marker. Make the black marker lines a little thick so when you cut along the lines, there will still be a black outline. Use the pencil to draw eyes and a mouth on your pumpkin. Then fill in the eyes and mouth with the black marker. Create a green stem with the green craft paper and a nose with the black craft paper. Attach the green stem to the pumpkin and attach the pin or removable tape to the nose. Add details to the pumpkin using the black marker. After cutting out the pumpkin, attach it to the wall where the Halloween party game will be played and set the nose near by.

      How to play- 

      Gather the children around the pumpkin. Choose the first player and hand him or her the nose. Tie the blind fold around the child’s eyes. Spin them around two times and realign them with the pumpkin. Their goal is to place the nose on the pumpkin where the nose should be. Whoever gets the closest wins the prize. If two or more players tie, have a nose pin off.


      Provide each player with their own nose and use a white pencil to write their name on their nose.

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