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This Party Tip submitted by pcllc - Jun 27th, 2009

    • Top 5 Ways to Ensure a Succesful Event

    • 1. Invitations are the first impression for your event. The invitations should connect with the tone and theme of your event.  If you are having a simple yet elegant event, the invitations can convey the tone with elegant text and a simple but unique design.  If your event has a theme the invitations should too and clip art is not the answer.  For a golf tournament send a golf towel with the invitation wording printed on it. Unique invitations will make a lasting impression and increase the word of mouth advertising for your event.
      2. Include a map with the invitation. Be sure to include as many details as possible, nothing is more frustrating to a guest than getting lost on the way. Include such information as landmarks they will pass en route, if the street is a small side street with no stop light or sign, the color of the building and what is next to.  It’s also helpful to include information such as, “if you pass 51st Avenue you have gone to far.”
      3. Create a diagram of the location layout. The layout of your event is very important to ensure proper flow for things such as the buffet, dance floor, registration table and the like. Having multiple copies of the layout to share with vendors will help as they prepare for the event and ensure accurate placement of food, rentals and other items when they arrive on site.
      4. Add 10% extra to your budget for unforeseen expenses. There are usually unexpected expenses so be prepared.  Maybe there was a vendor who went above and beyond and you want to give them a bonus, or an employee or volunteer who came through with a last minute resource that you want to thank, or you want to treat the staff to lunch to thank them for their hard work, or you decided to pay parking fees for the VIPs at the last minute.  Whatever the expense may be, you’ll be prepared if you include a little extra in your budget, the good news is that if you don’t spend it ~ your event came in under budget.
      5. Engage your guests within the first two minutes of their arrival. All guests should be welcomed and given expectations for the event (told where things are and what to do next).  If registration is not necessary have staff, volunteers or wait staff with cocktails/hors d’oeuvres at the door to invite guest in to enjoy the event.
      Perry Consulting will help you with these top 5 things and many more as we collaborate with you to create a memorable and well organized event.

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