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This Party Tip submitted by LNixholm - 3 weeks ago

    • Audio Visual Tips

    • When planning an event it is important to consider several different aspects.  First of all:
      1. What is your budget?

      This is a very important factor.  Once you have determined the amount of money you are willing to spend you can create the structure for your event. 
      2. How many people are expected to attend?

      The audio visual company will have a better idea of the correct equipment required to insure your event is a success.  Sound systems, projectors, screens, and lighting will vary depending on this factor.

      3. Where will your event take place?

      The venue is an important factor.  Every setting has its challenges both positive and negative.  The audio visual company you choose should be informed of your choice.  The type of event you‘re planning influences your choice of venues.  If you are having the event at a hotel or banquet hall and choose an audio visual company that services that area frequently, it is quite possible they have worked there before and will have advance information that will be to your benefit.  It is an advantage because they already have a clear picture of the configuration of your location. One important note about hotels and many banquet facilities is that their in-house audio visual is not mandatory. Many hotels will try to sell you on a package deal with audio visual, catering, rooms and more.  This may be an outstanding savings.  However, many times you will find yourself saving as much as 30% to 50% with an independent audio visual company like All American Audio Visual

      4.  Get a floor plan.

      The floor plan aides the audio visual company for placement of equipment.  An audio visual company with experience will insure that guests, safety, and a pleasant experience will be considered thoroughly.  Many times a site walk though, commonly referred to as a “site survey” will be essential.  At that time you can meet with your company of choice and get to know them personally.
      5.  What is the theme of your event?

      The audio visual company can create an atmosphere with special effect lighting that will enhance certain themes, areas, and props.  Talk about your idea to the audio visual company and if you have pictures that help convey that idea, all the better.
      What time is your event?

      This is very important because the audio visual company will adjust how many people will be working on your event with this in mind.  Remember the party or event may be from 7 to 11 but the audio visual company will need ample amount of time and labor to set up and strike your event.  When talking to the venue you will need to ask what time you can have your room or area and what time you need to be completely out of there. 

      For more information regarding audio visual planning feel free to give me a call, Laura at All American Audio Visual, 818-882-8546.

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        • LNixholmLNixholm - Jan 12th, 2009
        • It’s true.  Lighting is what you see when you enter a room.  It sets the mood.  Another thing that is important is the amount of power the place has available.  Most of our accent lighting is LED base.  This product requires very little power.  This can be helpful if you want to keep your costs down too, and don’t want to order a generator.  Additionally, every color of the spectrum is possible with many of these lights so the effect can be dramatic and the focus is on the customer’s theme.

        • LNixholmLNixholm - Jan 12th, 2009
        • This is a great article. Many people don’t know that they can hire an outside A/V company for less when then are looking at different venues. One 5 minute call could save them hundreds of dollars. Also, lighting is critical for a great party. Imagine attending a fancy shindig with fluorescence. Yuck. The lighting sets the mood and should be taken seriously.

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