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BizGirl Recipe submitted by BizGirl - Mar 16th, 2009

    • Double Dipped Fried Chicken with Kentucky Farm Honey Sauce

    • Double Dipped Fried Chicken with Kentucky Farm Honey Sauce

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      Double Dipped Fried Chicken with Kentucky Farm Honey Sauce

      Serves: 0 | Prep time: minutes


      • Kentucky Farm Honey Sauce
      • 1 cup honey
      • 2 tablespoons prepared pickled horseradish, drained
      • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
      • Fried Chicken
      • 1 quart buttermilk, plus
      • 2 cups Kosher salt
      • 2 teaspoons chile de arbol powder or 2 tablespoons hot sauce
      • 2 chickens (3 to 4 pounds), cut up into 8 pieces
      • 3 cups all-purpose flour
      • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
      • 1 tablespoon onion powder
      • 1 tablespoon sweet paprika
      • 2 teaspoons cayenne
      • Freshly ground black pepper
      • Peanut oil, for deep-frying


      Kentucky Farm Honey Sauce
      Whisk together the honey, horseradish and salt and pepper in a bowl. Let sit for 30 minutes at room temperature before serving.

      Fried Chicken
      Whisk together 1 quart of the buttermilk, 2 tablespoons salt and the chile de arbol in a large bowl or large baking dish. Add the chicken, turn to coat, cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight. Place the remaining 2 cups of buttermilk in a bowl. Stir together the flour, garlic and onion powders, paprika and cayenne in a large bowl and divide among 2 shallow platters and season generously with salt and pepper. Drain the chicken in a colander and pat it dry. Dredge the pieces a few at a time in the flour mixture and pat off excess, then dip in the buttermilk and allow excess to drain off. Dredge in the second plate of flour and pat off the excess. Put the chicken pieces on a baking rack set over a baking sheet while the oil heats. Pour about 3 inches of oil into a deep cast iron skillet; the oil should not come more than half way up the sides of the pot. Put the pot over medium-high heat and heat the oil to 375F on a deep-fry thermometer. Working in batches, add the chicken pieces to the hot oil, 3 or 4 at a time and fry, turning the pieces occasionally, until evenly golden brown and cooked through, about 20 minutes. Remove from the oil with a slotted spoon and transfer to a rack to drain; repeat to cook the remaining pieces. Serve hot drizzled with the ancho honey, if desired.

      Source: By Bobby Flay on

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      Tags: with sauce maincourse chicken derbyparty kentuckyderbyparty fried double dipped kentucky farm honey

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